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Featured Webcast Series: COVID-19: Actionable Insights from HR Leaders That You Can Use Today 

Practical lessons, top tips and insights from leading HR directors across sectors for surviving and thriving during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.




Practical lessons, top tips and insights from leading HR directors across sectors for surviving and thriving during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the short clip to the left and then click on the individual webcasts below to watch the full interviews.

Eugenio Pirri

Chief People & Culture Officer
Dorchester Collection

• Making the right decision in a business that went from multi-million revenue to zero in a few weeks
• Maintaining learning and development through difficult times
• Engaging through volunteering
• Tips for helping employees with mental health and wellbeing
• What needs to be in your employee toolkit to help them through COVID-19
• What return to work will look like in hospitality


Nalin Miglani

Executive Vice President and CHRO

• Shifting more than 25,000 employees from offices to homeworking
• Securing the present – continuing to provide excellent service to customers
• Engaging a global workforce virtually
• Increasing productivity in these challenging times
• How this fluid environment results in distributed leadership
• Building a new HR organisation on the back of the COVID-19 situation

COVID-19 Actionable Insights forHR

Stephanie Neuvirth

Global VP, People and Organization, Mars Veterinary Health

• Lessons on listening at scale in an environment of crisis
• How to deliver communication in a multi-unit retail environment of small teams
• How AI, chatbots and social media help you communicate quickly with employees at scale
• What should you have in your virtual employee toolkit?
• Tips on employee wellbeing
• What does 'easing' of restrictions look like from a people perspective


Hayley Connor 

Head of People and Learning
Brewhouse & Kitchen

• From lay-off to re-hire to furlough: how to get 100% of contracts back in 24 hours
• Engaging a furloughed workforce: top tips on making them feel part of the team to prevent the loss of talent
• Developing your workforce to deal with an environment of uncertainty
• How to ensure your employer and customer brand remains intact


Michael Moran

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

• How to help your people maximise potential and how you can harness that potential during this time
• Responding opportunistically – is this the end of command and control?
• Using the COVID-19 situation to accelerate self-development
• Loyalty to shareholders vs loyalty to employees – beware of taking the short-term view


David Frost

Organisational Development Director
Total Produce

• Pivoting an international retail and foodservice-based business at speed
• Handling different job security schemes across the globe
• Tips for executive team communication
• The three phrases of employee sentiment during COVID-19
• Techniques for virtual working
Preparing for return to work in a factory environment


What people say about this series

“Having attended the sessions, I can thoroughly recommend them.
Siân has invited some great leaders to share their views and engages them in interesting conversation. She asks some great questions, challenging them to provide their perspective. This results in wide ranging discussions and some great insights. There are learnings for everyone. They have been a very worthwhile investment of my time. Enjoy!"

Sue Swanborough

HR director

“COVID-19 Actionable Insights for HR leaders’ certainly lived up to its name! I found the discursive approach really refreshing. Siân’s interviewing style ensured the guest speakers’ points were highly relevant and she drew out some great insights. The presenters were drawn from a host of sectors which brought out a range of experiences and views and I was able to take something that I will be able to use from each and every one."

Louisa Latham

Leadership coach

“If you are looking for tips and advice directly from the HR leaders 'doing the job' as opposed to people talking around the subject, this series on COVID-19 fits the bill. With everyone working from home, things can be quite isolating and it was a great opportunity to hear what others are doing and thinking about the future. Although we can read about things, having the question and answer format made it more engaging."

Valerie Hughes D'Aeth

Director, VHD Consulting

“The Actionable Insights webinar presented by David Frost was an excellent use of my time during the COVID-19 lockdown as I gleaned a lot of sensible and pragmatic ideas and solutions that can be applied during and after the current crisis. At all times. It was evident that people are at the centre of operations and therefore the continued support we give them as HR leaders was crucial to maintain team/individual communications, commitment and trust. This is the time when our staff need to know how much we value them!"

Bill Nuttall

Willem HR

“I was delighted to have joined in the webcasts on COVID-19: Actionable insights from HR leaders presented by Eugenio Pirri, Dorchester Collection and Hayley Connor, Brewhouse and Kitchen. Both presenters communicated effectively and provided good insights on their current strategies to retain and upskill their talents during such unprecedented times. It was also great to hear that wellbeing programmes are running across a wide range of industries in these difficult times."

Gil Goncalves

Learning and development, Crisis

“It was great being able to take time out to listen to other thought leaders sharing their stories. It helps to know we are not alone and it was also a good place to pick up some ideas and tips. The way the questions were asked felt as though these were the questions I wanted to ask and uploading the handouts was brilliant – it was a perfect and simple way to immediately share stuff."

Esther O'Halloran

Director, EOH Business Solutions

COVID-19: Actionable Insights from HR Leaders That You Can Use Today is brought to you by The People Space and our Brand Partner 10Eighty

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