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Christopher Cornue

Delivering differently in disruption: innovation, leadership and healthcare: Chris Cornue, CEO

As former chief strategy and innovation officer at Navicent Health where he helped found the Center for Disruption and Innovation, Chris Cornue knows a thing or two about how to do things differently. He reveals which disruptors excite him, how to be innovative in healthcare and the critical leadership behaviours going forward 

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Michele Hamill JAEGGAR

Why now is the time to make big and bold transformational moves: Michele Hamill, CHRO of JAEGGAR

If you can invest now it's a great time to do so...and culture is the secret sauce, says Michele Hamill. She should know. As CHRO at the world's largest procurement software company JAGGAER, she has been involved in a number of mergers and acquisitions during downturns. She shares how HR can learn from M&A to help it navigate these difficult times

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David Collings Dublin City University

Why organisations are not prepared for the future of work: Professor David Collings of Dublin City University

In the third of a series of interviews with future of work and HR experts, we ask David Collings, full professor of human resource management at Dublin City University, about leadership and the future of work, why fewer than 30% of CHROs are confident about their organisation’s preparedness and why having a North Star matters

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Tim Pointer CAA GBG Brand

How society is watching leaders today: Tim Pointer, senior VP HR at CAA-GBG

In disruptive times you need purpose, intent and energy as a leader. It's time to build tomorrow's organisation because society and talent is closely watching you, says Tim Pointer, senior VP HR at the world’s largest brand management company, CAA-GBG Global Brand Management Group

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Michael Moran 10Eighty

The five themes of modern leadership:  Michael Moran, founder and CEO of 10Eighty

In this video 10Eighty CEO Michael Moran discusses the five themes emerging from its latest research, moving from dinosaur managers in the mills of Derbyshire to a leadership style based on trust and how leaders need to stick their heads above the parapet and smell the coffee

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Find out what HR and business leaders thinks about our webcasts and webinars...

"The webinars are a worthwhile investment of my time"

"Having attended the webinar sessions I can thoroughly recommend them. Siân invited some great leaders to share their views and engages them in interesting conversation. She asks some great questions, challenging them to provide their perspective. This results in wide ranging discussions and some great insights. There are learnings for everyone. They have been a very worthwhile investment of my time. Enjoy!"

Sue Swanborough

HR director

"I gleaned a lot of sensible and pragmatic ideas"

“The Actionable Insights webinar presented by David Frost was an excellent use of my time during the COVID-19 lockdown as I gleaned a lot of sensible and pragmatic ideas and solutions that can be applied during and after the current crisis. At all times. It was evident that people are at the centre of operations and therefore the continued support we give them as HR leaders was crucial to maintain team/individual communications, commitment and trust. This is the time when our staff need to know how much we value them!"

William Nuttall

HR director NHS Trust

"The question and answer format made it more engaging"

“If you are looking for tips and advice directly from the HR leaders 'doing the job' as opposed to people talking around the subject, this series on COVID-19 fits the bill. With everyone working from home, things can be quite isolating and it was a great opportunity to hear what others are doing and thinking about the future. Although we can read about things, having the question and answer format made it more engaging."

Valerie Hughes D'Aeth


"The discursive approach was really refreshing"

“COVID-19 Actionable Insights for HR leaders’ certainly lived up to its name! I found the discursive approach really refreshing. Siân’s interviewing style ensured the guest speakers’ points were highly relevant and she drew out some great insights. The presenters were drawn from a host of sectors which brought out a range of experiences and views and I was able to take something that I will be able to use from each and every one."

Louisa Latham

Leadership coach

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