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COVID-19: Actionable Insights From HR Leaders That You Can Use Today

Practical lessons, top tips and insights from leading HR directors across sectors for surviving and thriving during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

Has the COVID-19 pandemic elevated the image of HR?

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Practical lessons, top tips and insights from leading HR directors across sectors for surviving and thriving during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Health and wellbeing ideas

  • Communicating with employees effectively

  • Employee engagement ideas that work

  • How the adoption of new technologies can help you communicate and listen at scale


See What Our Viewers Are Saying...

“It was great being able to take time out to listen to other thought leaders sharing their stories. It helps to know we are not alone and it was also a good place to pick up some ideas and tips. The way the questions were asked felt as though these were the questions I wanted to ask and uploading the handouts was brilliant – it was a perfect and simple way to immediately share stuff."

Esther O-Halloran

Director, EOH Business Solutions

“I was delighted to have joined in the webcasts on COVID-19: Actionable insights. The presenters communicated effectively and provided good insights on their current strategies to retain and upskill their talents during such unprecedented times. It was also great to hear that wellbeing programmes are running across a wide range of industries in these difficult times."

Gil Gonclaves

Learning and development, Crisis

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Our philosophy:

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• 80% are the bedrock of the business: we can increase their engagement and your organisational effectivenessvideo work has got multiple awards and nominations. And if you want to discuss your project with me, please book your meeting below.

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